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Carole Wickham
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We are a family run studio-based florist, in Barnsley, specialising in providing bespoke flower designs for all occasions. The giving and receiving of flowers are special moments in our lives, and flowers can contribute so much to both happy and sad occasions. Choosing us as your florist gives you the opportunity to work with Carole to achieve your desired arrangements; that is your own bespoke arrangements. Bespoke to us does not mean expensive it means giving our customers the choice and flexibility to have what they want rather than being restricted by what is available in supermarkets, with certain online retailers, and even some high street florists.

Of course there are some limitations to being bespoke not the least of which is the seasonal availability of some flowers – and this likely to become more significant post-COVID-19. However, we see the positive side of this namely the anticipation of each season’s offerings.

Cost does have a bearing on the ultimate outcome of your individual requirements because quality flowers are not cheap and independent florists do not have the bulk buying power enjoyed by the supermarkets and other large chains.

However, for most people this is more than compensated for by the quality, variety and longevity of the flowers, the beautiful arrangements and the customer service that you will receive from us.


‘Immerse Yourself In Colour While Staying Green’

Our aim at Wickham & Taylor is to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible while still providing a top quality floral service.

We endeavour to use recyclable and biodegradable packaging wherever possible; for example, using paper and raffia instead of cellophane and poly ribbon to wrap our bouquets, and supplying our customers with flower food which is in compostable packets. We can provide a vase and box replenishment service for regular customers which enables them to get more value for their money as they are not paying for all that packaging!

Water retaining foam is used sparingly and where possible is bio-degradable.

The majority of flowers sold in the UK are imported which by association affects our carbon footprint.  Where possible we try and offer our customers a product that is grown in a more sustainable way.  For example, by using British grown flowers when feasible we are both reducing our carbon footprint and helping to prolong the heritage of British horticulture.  Supporting UK growers can really help rebuild the industry in this country.  However, the availability of UK grown flowers can be limited, for example, when specialist flowers are required and at certain times of the year.

In addition, there are environmental benefits to the expansion of the UK flower industry which include increased biodiversity as growing flowers supports wildlife such as bees and butterflies across local farms and gardens.

Martin Wickham
5 High Balk, Barnsley